Sunday, March 24, 2013

GMO, genetically modified organisms

Hi, this is Christina of Christina Cooks!

What a wealth of information on vegetarian, vegan cooking, vitamins, nutrients, you name it, if it is in  regard to the body, and what is good and bad for you, you will learn so much from watching her program on my "Create" channel or checking out her website.  She is fun to watch, talks about what she is cooking, sharing all the way to the finish.

She also has authored some great books. I will be getting them myself as soon as I can.

Christina Cooks
I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm not going to Eat it Anymore!
Cooking the Whole Foods Way
*information on the link above for all of her books

The latest and most frightening information is on the GMO, genetically modified organisms, what it is, what it is in, who is doing it, how it's made, and the outcome on how it affects our bodies.   

Children and adults alike are getting sick with food allergies, intestinal tears and much more from eating these GMO foods.

The produce food labels in your markets indicate usually three sets of numbers. A 9 in front indicates Organic, a 4 indicates conventionally grown, and an 8 is an indicator of GMO. Check out the produce section next time you market.

Please check out her website! You will not only learn how to cook more healthy, you will have a better knowledge of what is in our food these days.  Please be sure to read "My Story" on her website.

This information will give me, specifically, the knowledge to choose what I want to eat!

Cook on Christina! and thank you for all the information your share on TV and in your books.

Some good Information Sources:

There are many more articles, and websites to investigate!

"Wonder if it is true?" Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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